The 1939 New York World's Fair

The Transportation Zone (Zone 6)

General Motors Company

Architect: Albert Kahn, Inc.
Designer: Norman Bel Geddes

General Motors' 35,738-square-foot "Highways and Horizons" pavilion contained the Fair's most popular exhibit entitled "Futurama." Here, in 322 moving chair-cars, each equipped with its own sound system for a "personal tour," visitors witnessed the largest and most realistic scale model ever constructed. The 1,586 feet of chairs rose and fell, sometimes to a height of 23 feet, while the visitor viewed the future world of the 1960s.

General Motors entrance
GM's entrance - Courtesy World's Fair
Historical Society - wf-018r
General Motors entrance
GM's entrance with the walkways covered - photo MO98 - from the collection taken by John Ott courtesy of his grandson Michael Ott.
General Motors entrance
General Motors entrance - photo 096

The General Motors Exhibit Building - 1939 Brochure

The General Motors Exhibit Building - 1939 Brochure

(9" x 4 1/2" closed)
See how General Motors promoted their exhibit.

Click on the image of the flyer to view the entire Exhibit brouchure.

Courtesy of Bob Catania

General Motors - New Horizons

In 1939 GM produced a film titled "To New Horizons" which takes you through a tour of Futurerama.

Here is a link to "new Horizons" on so you can view the film. The run time is 22:59. You can also download the film from the Archive site in a variety of resolutions ... enjoy.

World Horizons

General Motors Overseas Operations

A booklet titled World Horizons by Gardner Harding.

Click the image to read World Horizons.

Courtesy of Cathy Scibelli

General Motors - Highways & Horizons

highways and horizones

(4 1/2" x 8 1/2" closed)

Inside is a diagram of how the General Motors exhibit pavilion was laid out.

view the brouchure.