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The 1939 New York World's Fair

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quick list of world's fair collectibles

Some of the items are sold by other vendors which I have purchased items from and have enjoyed them so much that I wanted to make their products available to you by buying directly from them.

Please understand that any transactions between you and a listed vendor are between you and the vendor, PM Photo is only offering you a convenient way of purchasing the item(s). All items via a 3rd party will be clearly identified as such.

The Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace coffe mug A favorite stop for adults, located in the Amusement Zone. The original photo of the Crystal Palace is beautifully displayed on this 11oz coffee mug.

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150th Anniversary of George Washington & the Trylon & Perisphere at night.

Town of Tomorrow - House #5 - 1939 New York World's Fair Celebrating both the 150th Anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington and the "Building the World of Tomorrow", here's a perfect night-time photograph for you to enjoy each and every day along with your morning or evening beverage.

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The Bridge between the Trylon & Perisphere

Bridge between the Trylon & Perisphere - 11oz coffee cup Connecting the Trylon with the Perisphere was the bridge on which thousands of visitors walked every day of the Fair.

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