The 1939 New York World's Fair

World's Fair Collector's Postcard Sets

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Collector's Postcard  Set #1

Stormy Day

Red, White and Blue

General Electric

Schaefer Pavilion

Federal Building

Eastman Kodak

Continental Baking

U.S. Steel

Firestone Tire and Rubber

Electric Utilities

Time & Fates of Man

New England / Court of States
Collector's Postcard  Set #2

Polish Pavilion

Hall of Nations

Carrier & Parachute Jump

T & P in Blue

Railroads Pavilion

Romanian House

National Dairy Products

DuPont at Night

Great Britain

Perisphere & Helicline

Gas Industries

Administration Building
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These 4" x 6" Collector's Post Cards are made from a collection of 1939-40 NY World's Fair Kodachrome Slides and professionally printed on 14pt card stock with a UV overcoat.

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