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Andy Kaufman's
World's Fair Auction

Creston Crayons
Creston Giant Crayons - one of the items in the upcoming auction.

The World's Fair auction will open for bidding on Thursday, Sept 14th and end on Tuesday, October 3rd at 10 PM Eastern Time.

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Perisphere Ponderings

by David J. Cope

An index for all of David's articles on the World's Fair has been added to the Misc page. Look for the "Perisphere Ponderings" link.

Perisphere Ponderings

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Chrysler presented one of greatest interactive shows on the fairgrounds – the talking car. The car was put through its paces in a specially designed amphitheater meant to hold 700 individuals. ...

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Transportation Zone

The Transportation Zone certainly solidified the grow concept that the United States was now an automotive culture. Although the zone contained major exhibits by the railroad industry (actually its last major grasp on the American imagination) and the burgeoning aviation industry, the pavilions related to the automobile dominated not only the zone, but, the imagination of the Fair’s visitors.

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Strange as it Seems

The Rape Case of Frances Murphy

Frances Murphy, the Bearded Lady, was on her way home at 3:00 A.M. Miss Murphey started up the steps of the 42nd Street subway station, when John Durkin, a chauffeur who had been drinking too much, tried to attack her. Miss Murphey confessed she slapped Durkin with the full force of her alleged 240 pounds. ...

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Trylon Tidbits

Trylon Tidbits

Small pieces of news and interesting information compiled by David J. Cope.

New Tidbits for September

September's Video
Reel 3 - Part 3 of the Philip Medicus films

Philip Medicus filmed the Fair in color on Kodachrome. These films can be found on YouTube and on the Internet Archives. There are a total of 17 of the Medicus films which I will add to both my YouTube channel and here on the World's Fair Website. This video can be viewed on this month's On-Line Newsletter.

Trylon & Perisphere behind the Building of the City of New York
From the Robert Klein Collection. Photo taken by his father, Miklos Klein, after arriving from Hungry in 1939.

Covering 1,216 acres, in Flushing Meadows, New York, the 1939 New York World's Fair, like the legendary Phoenix rising from the ashes, was erected on what was an ash-dump. The theme, "Building the World of Tomorrow" echoed in virtually every corner of the Fair. This World's Fair was a look to the future and was planned to be "everyman's fair" where everyone would be able to see what could be attained for himself and his community.

The 1939 New York World's Fair opened on May 30, 1939 which was the 150th anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington in New York City, the nation's first capitol.

While some of the pavilions were still under construction and not yet open, that first day of the Fair was attended by 206,000 visitors.

Then President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the opening speech while an estimated 1,000 visitors watched the opening on 200 televisions sets in various locations throughout the Fair.

This site is a tribute to the people, the history, and the vision of the 1939 New York World's Fair. I hope you like it and visit often. I'd appreciate knowing what you think, and any suggestions you may have on how to make it better.

When the Fair was open

Season 1:
Apr. 30, 1939 to Oct. 31, 1939

Season 2:
May 11, 1940 to Oct. 27, 1940

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1939 World's Fair Newsreel

Courtesy Periscope Films

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