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Some of the exhibitors in the Communications Building were Agfa Ansco Corporation, The Book House for Children, Grolier Society, Inc., The Independent Order of Foresters, Keystone Manufacturing Company, Macfadden Publications Inc., G. & C. Merriam Corporation, W.F. Quarrie & Company, Underwood & Underwood, Illustration Studios, Inc., Universal Camera Corporation, and The Utility Manufacturing Company.

Communication Building
Communication Building - photo 034

Communications Pavilion
Photo Courtesy World's Fair Historical Society - wf-450r

Communication Building  at Night
Communication Building at Night - Courtesy World's Fair Historical Society - wf-355r

Communications Pavilion
Photo by William Keys Smithfrom the Susan S. Waite collection

The inscription on the south wall of the Communications Building reads:

Modern Means Of Communication
Span Continents, Bridge Oceans,
Annihilate Time And Spaceā€¦
Servants Of Freedom Of Thought And Action, They Offer To All Men The Wisdom Of
The Ages To Free Them From
Tyrannies And Establish Co-operation
Among The Peoples Of The Earth.

Communication Building Mural
Communication Building - Photo RM04 - captured with permission from Robert Martens from a film taken by his grandfather, Gustave Martens.

Communication Building Mural
Communication Building Mural

Macfadden Publications program cover
Courtesy of Bob Catania

Click the image to view the complete Souvenir Program from the Macfadden Exhibit.

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