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Furniture, glass, pottery, and textiles were on display for visitors to view. In the "Three Crowns" restaurant offered a revolving, circular appetizer table & coined the word "smörgasbord." One could also enjoy music, dancing, or watch a movie in the 200-seat theater.

Photo D128 - Sweden From the private collection of
Dr. William R. Hanson

Entrance to the Courtyard Restaurant
Entrance to the Courtyard Restaurant. The Dala Horse can be seen to the right. - photo MO2 - from the collection taken by John Ott courtesy of his grandson Michael Ott.

"Dala horse. This proud wooden animal, originally with an orange-red coat overpainted with multicolored designs, has become one of Sweden's most recognizable symbols.

It's been given as a gift to entertainers and politicians and had its Hollywood moment at the 1939 World's Fair in New York, where an orange 9 1/4-foot, 1-ton beauty stood outside the Swedish pavilion"

Sweden Restaurant
Photo EM-Sweden Restaurant, courtesy Irene Nelson. Image captured from movie shot by her father Sea Captain Erik Manvall (1902-1988) and transferred to DVD by Johnny Riert (residents of Sweden).

Three Crowns
Restaurant Menu

3 Crowns Menu
Three Crowns
Restaurant Menu
Courtesy Hilary Rosen

Sweden House
Laminated wall plaque

Sweden House
Courtesy Andy Kaufman
Size: 3 3/4" wide by 5 1/4" high
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