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Food North housed an exhibit called "The World's Largest Store Counter." The exhibit included five types of giant vitamins, and Charles Hansen's Laboratory, Inc. display, "The Junket" Folks." Attendants in Danish attire demonstrated the ease of preparing wonderful desserts – "Junket" rennet custard, Quick Fudge, ice cream, and Danish Desserts.

Food Center North
Food North - photo 079
by Arie van Dort

Mural of a "Traditional Harvest" was painted by Pierre Boundelle.
Mural of a "Traditional Harvest" was painted by Pierre Boundelle. Photo D25 from the private collection of Dr. William R. Hanson

Food North at night
Food North at night - photo MO69 - from the collection taken by John Ott courtesy of his grandson Michael Ott.

Pretty young ladies giving out samples at the Junket booth.
Photo DS21 from the private collection of Dr. William R. Hanson.

Pretty young ladies (above) giving out samples at the Junket booth. After ten years of the Depression they've go steady work and all the samples they care to eat: they are not going hungry, some for the first time they can remember.

Exhibitors for 1939

B. Fischer & Co., Inc. ↓

The Exhibit showed the evolution of the coffee business, from the plantation to the cup, by means of murals, animated pictures, and dioramas. Illustrations relating to Astor tea and spices are also displayed. Through the educational values of this Exhibit, the Fischer Company stresses the scientific way in which its materials are handled and packed.

California Olive Association ↓

With its Mission setting, the Exhibit was typically Californian in motif. A robot, guised as a Franciscan Friar, told the romantic story of the olive industry. Colorfully costumed hostesses explained how, through man's ingenuity, this fruit had been converted into a delectable table delicacy. Photo-murals and commodity display completed the Exhibit.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Inc. ↓

The Exhibit was devoted to attractive murals of Canada Dry products and their methods of manufacture. A new type of animated display, The Metamorphisor, was demonstrated. In this feature, an ingenious mechanism created an optical illusion of an appetizing drink changing to a bottle and vise versa. At a modernly equipped bar, Canada Dry beverages were sold to Fair visitors.

Curtiss Candy Company ↓

The nutritious foods that go into the manufacture of their well-known Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, KokoNut Roll and Jolly Jack candy bars were the theme of the Curtiss Candy Company Exhibit. Miniature trains carrying ingredients into a model of the factory and distributing the finished products provided display animation. A photomural emphasized the scientific care exercised in the manufacture of Curtiss candies.

Eastern States Ice Corporation ↓

A large replica of a refrigerator donminated the display of Eastern States Ice Corporation. In a block of ice appeared a living model who told the story of refrigeration of tomorrow. A number of marionettes dramatically illustrated the manner of cooling, cleaning, moistening, and maintaining freshness of food placed in the compartment. On a rear wall of the exhibit is a mural depicting the aurora borealis.

G. Washington Coffee Refining Co ↓

Here was a scientific display showing the growing and the preparation of coffee from the plantation to the finished product. The air-conditioned booth had an invisible glass front: magic doors open and close by means of an electric eye. The interior was decorated with mirrors and cut glass designs. At the Coffee Bar many coffee-flavored foods were served, and here was available the newly-introduced "Soup of Tomorrow," an instant and delectable broth.

General Foods Corporation ↓

In a simply designed, oval-shaped Exhibit the producers of Jell-0, Maxwell House and Sanka Coffees, Birds Eye Frosted Foods, Post Toasties, Walter Baker Chocolate, and many other grocery products, proclaimed their place in "The World of Tomorrow." A high spot for visitors is a glass-enclosed model kitchen, where the food served at the 12 sampling counters was prepared by a staff of skilled home economists.

Bake-A-Cake-Kits, and Walter Baker's Chocolate in a souvenir package, as well as the popular General Foods cook-books were on sale there.

"The 'Junket' Folks" ↓

Chr. Hansen's Laboratory, Inc.

The color scheme of this exhibit was "The 'Junket' Folks" blue, with a display counter in three shades of that color. Demonstrations by fetchingly costumed girls, include the making of rennet-custards with "Junket" Rennet Powder and "Junket" Rennet Tablets; ice cream with "Junket" Freezing Mix; smooth, creamy fudge candy with "Junket" Quick Fudge Mix; and an unusual, tangy, zestful, new dessert made from an old Danish recipe. Murals and an animated feature illustrate these products.

Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company ↓

The little Sunshine Bankers that have appeared in Loose-Wiles biscuit company advertisements for many years come to life in this exhibit a galaxy of midgets stars dressed in immaculate white costumes are on the job morning news and night offering a variety of entertainment. Between performances they are kept busy packing giant cartons of "Krispy Crackers" and other Sunshine products. A diorama map shows the complete coverage of the United States by Sunshine trains and trucks.

Maison Plouvier ↓

Pastry and biscuits freshly made before your eyes are here displayed in a manner both instructive and attractive by one of the best known master-bakers of Paris. The attendants and workers occupied at the counter and in the fully visible bakery were dressed in the native costumes of Brittany. Here you may taste, with the compliments of the exhibitors, the gateaux for which French bakers are famous.

National Biscuit Company ↓

A specially produced Walt Disney motion picture, entitled Mickey's Surprise Party, is the outstanding feature of the Exhibit. Fair visitors were invited to see this amusing film in an air-conditioned theatre. An animated display of puppets designed by Tony Sarg, march around the exterior of the theatre behind glass. Other clever murals conceived by Mr. Sarg appear above the National Biscuit Company's "Puppet Parade." The Disney picture is in Technicolor and featureed many of the well-known "Mickey Mouse" characters. Walter O'Keefe, master of ceremonies during this screen program, was also the featured commentator in a second Technicolor production of an informative nature. The architect was Louis Wirsching, Jr.

Planters Nut and Chocolate Company ↓

In this exhibit, shore and white photographs show the process of peanuts cultivation from first growth to maturity. And colored motion picture illustrates the development of the seed to have full grown plant. Here are displayed were Planters peanuts, oils, and other byproducts made by the company. Murals detect the various uses of peanuts close food and chemical values are shown by other devices.

S. A. Schonbrunn & Company

By means of photomurals, models, and picture slides, the Exhibit illustrateed in a dramatic and educational manner, the production and use of the company's famous Medaglia D'Oro coffee, continental Italian Roast, and Savarin, the American type.

The Silex Company ↓

The Exhibit is dominated by a giant Silex Glass Coffee Maker complete in every detail. The Silex Booth was divided into two sections. One section is a Silex Snack Bar where coffee, frankfurters and hamburgers were prepared on Silex equipment. The other portion of the booth was devoted to displays of commercial and domestic model Silex Glass Coffee Makers.

The Taylor Provision Company ↓

This old company chose a Colonial inn as the setting for the Exhibit of the Taylor Pork Roll, a food product that originated in Colonial days and has been made ever since by the same firm. Time-mellowed oak paneling, furniture of George Washington's era and an open fireplace added a compelling charm to the display.

Wagner Baking Corporation ↓

The feature of the Exhibit was the baking of Mrs. Wagner's Pies right on the premises. The Fair visitor was invited to watch a display demonstrating how a modern pie-making machine and rotary oven turn out tempting, golden-brown pies. In a special section of the Exhibit, Mrs. Wagner's Pies were served.

Wilbert Products Company, Inc. ↓

The Exhibit told the story of "No-Rub," and Wilbert products are illustrated by "The young redhead who lived in a shoe and had so many suitors she didn't know what to do." The exterior was shaped like a giant white shoe, in which a mechanized, life-size reproduction of the "redhead" stands beckoning passersby's to enter. Within, six lighted dioramas tell an amusing story of her adventures with many suitors and how the "he-man" won her. Two final scenes showed the newlyweds using Wilbert and "No-Rub" products in their home.

1939 National Pressure Cooker flyer
National Pressure Cooker Company brochure from the 1939 New York World's Fair.
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