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The exhibit contained dioramas about growing, harvesting, and roasting coffee beans. Visitors received free samples of Beech Nut products. Billed as the "Biggest Little Show on Earth," the Beech Nut Company provided an entertaining circus with more than 500 acrobats, aerialists, animals, and clowns.

Trylon Tidbits
  • To insure an accurate attendance account, the pavilion installed an "electric eye." The constant "click-click" soon enthralled young fairgoers who attempted to thwart the counter by breaking the beam with their hands for a double-count or ducking under at a lower level to be missed totally.
  • Beechnut hosted a luncheon for news reporters with Carmen Miranda as its honored guest.
  • The pavilion gave away an average of 7,000 cups of free coffee a day. By early July, the pavilion had distributed half a million to any fairgoer over the age of eighteen. Cream and sugar came free. An attendant asked one recipient how he liked the coffee. He replied: "I don't like coffee. Never drink it. But when its free, I wouldn't pass it up."

    One woman started a brouhaha at the counter when she disclosed she enjoyed a cup of coffee while her husband shaved. Four gentlemen then got into a heated argument over the time required for a shave in the morning.

    Another lady approached the counter with a quart of ice cream, requested seven cups, and mixed them in with the ice cream.
  • The pavilion attendants distributed the 2,000,000th piece of gum to Mrs. Lucienne Miranda of New York City. It was her first visit to the fair and her first stick of gum.
  • Marjorie Wooten costumed the 300 "performers" her husband modeled from clay for the Beechnut Circus. The figures ranged in size form an eleven-inch trapeze girl to a twenty six-inch elephant. One day one of the puppet aerialists dropped a package of Beechnut chewing gum on the animal trainer causing him to "sit down" backwards and direct the animals from that position throughout the day.
Beech Nut
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