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Shaped like a carton of Lucky Strike cigarettes, the American Tobacco exhibit contained cigarette manufacturing machines and a display on the making and marketing of "Luckies." Do you remember LSMFT in the advertising campaigns? "Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco." Visitors could purchase and mail souvenir cigarettes to friends in a specially decorated Fair carton.

American Tobacco
American Tobacco - photo 012 - by Arie van Dort

The Story of Lucky Strike by Roy C. Flannagan
The Story of Lucky Strike - image courtesy Andy Kaufman

"The Story of Lucky Strike," World's Fair edition with Trylon & Perisphere and "New York World's Fair 1939" pressed into the cover.

Inside pictures the building at the fair and tells about tobacco from use by Native Americans to your finished products today.

Size: 5 1/8" wide by 7 11/16" high.

Trylon Tidbits
  • The Lucky Strikes produced on the fairgrounds were "toasted."
  • For the autumn, the grass in front of the pavilion was exceptionally green. The gardeners revealed they'd poured a ton and a half of tobacco juice on it in the spring.

The story of Lucky Strike by Roy C. Flannagan
Lucky Strike - photo 1677205 - from the NY Public Library

American Tobacco
Lucky Strike - photo 1677191 - from the NY Public Library
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