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Many important building industry companies were represented. They included American Hardware, Anthracite Industries, Crane Co., Flat Metal Manufacturing, Flush-Metal Partition Corp., Hershey Machine and Foundry, International Nickel, Keasbey-Mattison, Tilo Roofing, and Western Pine.

Home Building Center
Home Building Center - photo 110 by Arie van Dort

Home Building Center
Home Building Center with the "Fountain of the Atoms" - photo MO104 - from the collection taken by John Ott courtesy of his grandson Michael Ott.

Sculpture: The Fountain of the Atoms

Artist: Waylande Gregory

"The Fountain of the Atoms was made for the 1939 World's Fair. It is comprised of the four elements, earth, air, fire and water, surrounded by eight electrons, 4 male and 4 female, similar to amorini. He described the electrons as, "elemental little savages of boundless electrical energy, dancing to the rhythm of sculptured bolts of lightning-like flashes in brilliant colored glazes, their buoyant shaped bodies of richly modeled terra-cotta clays in warm colors." The four elements were grouped around illuminated tubes of glass which were topped by a flame, and carried water at the top of the fountain."

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Anthracite's Hall of Equipment

Ticket to the Anthracite Exhibit
Ticket to the Anthracite Exhibit in the Home Building Center

Anthracite's Hall of Equipment
Courtesy of the NYPL #16583757

A scene in the Home Building Center where equipment manufacturers have place their latest models in operation as part of the Anthracite Exhibit. The machinized mural which forms the background shows, through action and synchronized lighting effects, the functions of an automatic anthracite stoker.

Anthracite Display
Courtesy of the NYPL #1853758

Although practically all our hard coal is produced in but 484 square miles of Eastern Pennsylvania, the industry provides employment for 100,00 men in mining and preparation alone; and for example, uses 30,000,000 pounds of explosives and 500,000 tons of lumber each year. These, and many more facts about one of America's most unusual industries, are shown in this portion of the Anthracite Exhibit.

Anthracite Mural
Courtesy of the NYPL #1683755

This three-dimensional mural wall used actual pieces of equipment as well as paints, shows the wide range of heating equipment available. Colorfully done in the ultra-modern manner, the mural shows the simple fireplace, space heaters, economical hand-fired units, a streamlined kitchen range and the latest in winter air-conditioning units.

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