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Map of the Gardens on Parade - 1940
A. Formal Garden B. Blue and White Garden C. Garden of Nyssa D. Friendly Garden
E. Wayside Wild flower Shrine F. Anybody's Garden G. Rock Garden H Espalier Garden
I. Research Greenhouse J. Woodland Garden & Thatched Cottage K. Water Wheel and Mill
L. Boxwood Necklace Garden M. Parade of Modern Roses N. Water Garden O. Glories of the Garden
P. Herb and Knot Gardens Q. French Parterre Garden R. Year Round Garden S. Fine Turf Grasses
T. Havemeyer Tribute Garden U. Old Flanders Garden V. Garden of Today W. Garden of Annuals
X. Garden of Tomorrow Y. English Garden Z. A Modern Maze of Motion Z-1. Parade of Modern Perennials
Z-2. Floral Pony Express Stamp Z-3. Cacti and Succulent Garden