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The Argentina pavilion contained large diorama shows to interest prospective tourists. There was also a Fine Arts room, large exhibit hall, theater, small bar, restaurant, newspaper hall, information booth, post office and tourist bureau.

Argentina Pavilion
Argentina Pavilion Captured from the Medicus Film
Argentine Brochure
Argentine Brochure Cover
Image courtesy of Andy Kaufman

Booklet, "The Argentine Republic", stated on the back cover "Argentine National Committee, New York World's Fair, and Golden Gate International Exhibitions, 1939".

This 48 page booklet tells all about Argentina including the "Public Buildings," military, "Iguazu Falls," crops, ports and more. Size: 8" wide by 8 7/8" high.

Argentina Pavilion 1939 New York World's Fair
Argentina - photo 013 by Arie van Dort
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