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House # 18 - The Electric Home
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Text is from the Brochure

Of the many trends revolutionizing housing, none has done more to recast living into a modern pattern than complete electrical services as indicated in this well planned house.

Constant research and manufacturing magic have brought forth a new freedom. Electric servants with economical efficiency have taken over the tasks and time-consuming domestic drudgery of the old order.

House 18 - The Electric Home
House 18 - The Electric Home From the Gottscho-Schleisner Collection (Library of Congress)House #

Lighting, heating, cooling, cooking, washing, cleaning, dishwashing, even waste disposal, are but some of the tasks done by electricity in this modern home.

House 18 - The Electric Home blueprint
>House 18 - The Electric Home blueprint.

General Electric's contribution to this new freedom is outstanding. The electrical servants-which are shown in this Electric Home may be yours, whether you live in a mansion or a modest home.

It is said that the additional coat of complete General Electric equipment, when equipment is covered by a single long-term mortgage loan, will average about fifteen cents a day.

At the rear of this house, in the garage, is the entertaining and amusing Magic Kitchen that moves, talks and tells a timely story. The car standing in the driveway is a new Nash with its "Weather Eye" system of conditioned air for winter driving.

House 18 - The Electric Home blueprint
House 18 - The Electric Home - Dining room
Photo Courtesy of the New York Public Library - 168485

Major sponsors are listed on the front cover and full details as to products used in this house are given in following paragraphs, together with literature and services available to the home builder. Readers are advised to consult these manufacturers for names of local distributors and any other desired information. This is one of the five GE All-Electric Homes. All lighting is planned according to standards of the National Better Light-Better Sight Bureau and electric wiring and wiring devices are installed under specifications of the National Adequate Wiring Bureau.

Furnishings and decoration are by Joseph Horne Company, Pittsburgh, Pa., from whom prices and full information can be obtained.

House 18 - The Electric Home drawing
House 18 - The Electric Home drawing