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House # 10 - The House of Vistas
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Text is from the Brochure

The exterior design of this house, in mass a natural expression of plan elements, is based on the theory that the small house should in form, fenestration and detail be static. The subjective street front and the objective garden elevation bear out the plan theme.

House #10 - The House of Vistas
House #10 - The House of Vistas From the Gottscho-Schleisner Collection (Library of Congress)

While latitude of material and finish is possible, the design suggests the use of masonry walls and metal fenestration. In style the design theories of plan and elevation seemed most successfully to be attained in the contemporary manner.

House #10 - The House of Vistas blueprint
House #10 - The House of Vistas blueprint

Spatial sequence of living areas, by defining without limiting area function increases the sense of size and allows for large scale entertaining. The limited front fenestration reduces the entrance lawn requirements opening the house towards the garden and increasing outdoor living facilities which in addition to the bedroom sun deck, accessible to garden by exterior stairs, include living and dining terraces located to assure sun or shade at any time of the day.

House #10 - The House of Vistas drawing
House #10 - The House of Vistas drawing

Major sponsors are listed on the front cover and full details as to products used in this house are given in following paragraphs, together with literature and services available to the home builder. Readers are advised to consult these manufacturers for names of local distributors and any other desired information. All lighting is planned according to standards of the National Better LightBetter Sight Bureau. Electric wiring and wiring devices are installed under the standards of the National Adequate Wiring Bureau, 155 East 44th Street, New York, N. Y.

Furnishings and decoration are by John Wanamaker, Broadway at 9th Street, New York, N. Y., from whom prices and full information can be obtained.