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Since first publishing this web site in 2002, people from all over the world have contributed to these pages. You'll find their names scattered throughout this site under many of the photographs. To all of you, my sincere thanks.

My wish is that when I am no longer able to maintain this site, (many years from now, I hope), that the information and photos contained on these pages will pass on to an organization or person who will continue the site so others can continue to enjoy and learn about the 1939 New York World's Fair and the "World of Tomorrow."

Original Acknowledgments (2002)

First and foremost, I dedicate this presentation to the memory of my parents, Edith and Arie Van Dort, who attended the Fair and saved the photo albums around which this presentation has been made possible.

To my wife, Mitzi, who has put up with my obsession over the Fair during the months of preparation and research.

To Dr. William R. Hanson of Glens Falls, New York, who has provided additional photographs from his private collection and information since the initial CD and tour was created. Photographs that have the prefix "D" are from the private collection of Dr. William R. Hanson. Those photos whose prefix is "DS" were taken by Harold Green and are from the private collection of Dr. William R. Hanson. Thank you for your trust with the photographs and for your assistance.

To all the purchasers of the original "photos only" CD who requested more information about the photographs and whose requests became a reality.

To Steve Chan of Staten Island, New York, and Renee Wert of Buffalo, New York, for their valuable help in collecting information for this book and the CD.

A very special "Thank you" to David J. Cope of Hydetown, Pennsylvania, who was not only a wealth of information on an almost daily basis, but for his many hours of research into the archives of the 1939 New York World's Fair.

And to Carol A. Ranalli of Sparks, Nevada, professional editor, friend, and owner of "The Write Image," for the countless hours she spent editing this project.