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June 28, 1939 Playbill Cover

On September 22, 1939, Olsen and Johnson opened at the New York 46th Street Theater in a comedy play called “Hellz a Poppin”. The play ran for a total of 1,404 performances, but was transferred to the Winter Garden and its first performance there was on June 16, 1939. Two days later, on June 28 my mother, who was then 18, attended the show.

Seventy-three years later, I came across “The Playbill” for the show and thought it would be interesting to show you some of the ads that made reference to the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

Masion Coty ad

Coty Cosmetics ran two full-page ads. This one read: “Salute to Beauty at the Fair – Faison Coty, charm center of the New York World’s Fair at the Long Island Plaza. This popular exhibition building, topped with a giant replica of the familiar Coty powder-box, houses a Museum of Perfume Ingredients, many Perfume Rooms, a cinema theatre in which a film tells the story of perfume making. Lady visitors may emerge glorified by a complete new makeup to suit their individual types.”

World's Fair Sweater

The Newest “MIDGIE” – A Flattering “Tish-U-Knit” Sweater, featured a pair of Trylon & Perishpere’s on the front of the sweater. The ad stated: “Designed for wear at the World’s Fair, for travel in the air, and virtually everywhere! Obtainable at smart shops anywhere…”

The sweater is a “Style W – 1939″: $1.98 (slightly higher west of the Rockies). Just under the Trylon is © N.Y.W.F. I guess the Fair Corporation owned the copyright to the sweater.

Schaefer Beer is an American beer first produced in 1842 by the F. & M. Schaefer Brewing Company. Schaefer Beer is billed as America's oldest lager beer.

Schaefer Beer Advertisement

The Schaefer pavilion had the Fair's largest open air bar with a length of 160 feet.

Lunches started at 75¢, Dinners at $1, Beer was 10¢ unless it was delivered to your table, then you paid 15¢.

Nash automobile ad

"The big four-door Nash sedan... 99 horsepower ... 117-inch wheelbase ... 3,285 lbs - costs only $840 delivered at factory, standard equipment and Federal Taxes included."

"When you go to the Fair, be sure to visit the -"Town of Tomorrow". See the world's most modern homes - and a Nash in every driveway! Also, see our World's Fair display at 57th and Broadway - or visit your nearest Nash dealer."

John Ward's shoes for men

The ad read, "If you are a hospital case, call an ambulance; but if you are just a little ashamed because the "old dogs" can't take it - come in - we can fix you up.

We saw this Fair coming way back when! So we designed shoes for you, with just one thought in mind - to make your days at the Fair more pleasant. You can walk miles in them comfortably.

A wide ariety of styles to suit the most discriminiating tastes. " (prices $5 to $8 per pair)

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