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On the south side of the Lagoon of Nations, Lithuania's Exhibit presented an intimate glimpse into her life and history.

The first floor walls are adorned with historic murals; and the statue of the national hero, Grand Duke Vytauras (1392-1430), stands adjacent to a map which showed Lithuania's borders as they were during his reign.

Exhibits throughout the Pavilion were devoted to education, and literature, music and the theatre, folk-art, sport and tourism. Samples of Lithuanian ceramics were displayed. A major feature in the portrayal - by thirty statuettes dressed in national costume - of a Lithuanian wedding in an authentic village setting.

The second floor was devoted to Lithuanian agriculture, trade, and commerce.

Lithuania at the 1939 NY World's Fair Flyer
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One of the Seven  Lithuanian Murals in the Pavilion
Photo 349 - Lithuania courtesy of Arie van Dort
Lithuania in the Hall of Nations
Lithuania- ID1677133
Photo Courtesy of The New York Public Library.

One of the Seven  Lithuanian Murals in the Pavilion
One of the Seven Murals in the Pavilion

In 1429 Grand Duke Vytautas invited the rulers of central and eastern Europe to Lutsk, for a peace conference. The emperor Sigismund proposed that Vytautas be crowned King of Lithuania.

Mural by S. Usinskas (from the Lithuanian flyer)