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Reflecting the culture and achievements of the Magyars, the Exhibit indluded displays of nativve arts and crafdts developed during a thousand years of nations existence. On display was peasant pottery and carvings. Matyo embroidery and Halas lace, textiles, rugs, and decorated glassware.

The portraits of the famed Herend and Zsolnay establishments, as well as other porcelains of the Hungarian origin were represented. Hungarian foods and drinks were served in the resturant which was part of the Exhibit.

Hungarian Pavilion in the Hall of Nations (Hungary NYPL 1675599
Hungary in the Hall of Nations
Photo courtesy of the NYPL
Image 1675599
Hungary photo 346
Photo 346 Hungary courtesy of Arie van Dort

May 2011

Terry Laukka writes:

My grand father lived in Queens during 39. He had a boarding house and also worked at the fair. When leaving New York in 1943 he brought with him ceiling paintings from the Hungarian pavilion.

He had used some for filling up places in walls which I have found and also Ive framed some of them. They were painted by Antol Doisy. I feel they are a part of history and at least share photo of them.

Hungarian Art Panel 1
Hungarian Art Panel 2
Hungarian Art Panel 3
Hungarian Art Panel 4

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