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1939 New York World's Fair Award winning rug

From John Lindig:

The Gulisan - Selected for the Terrace Club
"Selected for the Terrace Club
New York World's Fair 1939"

My Grandmother and Mother were attending the 1939 Worlds Fair (Date Unknown). While looking at all the different items on display they came across this blue print/patern rug hanging up with a Blue Ribbon attached to it Claiming it was judged and took First Place.

Mother and GrandMother fell in love with it and went 50/50 on the payment of (unheard of TO ME) $600.00

The man then told my grandmother he was going to the back to get one of the rugs. My Grandmother told him for that much money she wanted the rug that was judged and the blue ribbon.

The Rug has been stored ever since my GrandMother Passed in 1977."

If anyone has information as to the value of the rug, or any questions for John, contact me so I can relay the information.

1939 New York World's Fair Award winning rug label

The label reads:

"Persia has been sending us a new type of Oriental Rug. One in which the border merges into the field of the design. The effet is to make the rug look bigger: a really majestic effect is created in the room. This Kirman desigh was selected for reproduction in Gulistan from hundres of fine Orientals, because it is a supreme example of Persian "Borderless" design."

1939 New York World's Fair Award winning rug being unrolled
Pattern 5192 - 72
Register NO. 54371
Size 9 -12
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